Social Impact

We are committed to driving positive social impact in the thousands of communities we serve.

As a business of people serving people, our primary focus is creating a culture that best serves our Team Members, business partners, and community members. We foster inclusive growth by enabling everyone to participate in and benefit from travel. From creating career opportunities for our Team Members and our neighbors, to investing in community resilience, to working with local and diverse suppliers, to responsibly sourcing products for our hotels – we are committed to driving positive social impact. We bring urgent focus and committed action to the pursuit of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and to the protection of human rights.

Creating an Engine of Opportunity

Our Global Possibilities

For more than one hundred years, Hilton has been an engine of opportunity for people around the world. As our hotels serve as local businesses in more than 7,000 communities, we take great pride in supporting our neighbors.

Hilton Team Members
We are committed to creating 5 million career opportunities and meaningfully impacting 20 million community members by 2030.


Learning & Growth Opportunities for All

We know that when our Team Members thrive, so do our guests and our communities. We are committed to providing industry-leading programs that empower Team Members to be their best selves in and outside of work, while creating meaningful personal and professional growth opportunities. Further, we support career opportunities for target groups beyond our hotels.


Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

As stewards of the thousands of communities in which we operate, we leverage our broad footprint, passionate global community of Team Members, and our Hilton Global Foundation to contribute to community development and resilience. As part of our commitment to the local communities that we operate in, we participate in global volunteer programs, food donation initiatives and disaster relief projects.

WaterAid, a Hilton Global Foundation Grantee, met with locals in Tanzania to fetch water at a water point that they use to wash clothes, take a shower, and for drinking. Before this water point was installed, the same journey took them two hours to fetch water.


A Culture of Integrity

With operations spanning 123 countries and territories, we recognize the immense economic, environmental and social impact we have through our supply chain, and are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable sourcing. Respecting and protecting human rights is also a core area of focus, and we prohibit the use of any Hilton property, product or service in any manner that supports or enables any form of abuse or exploitation.

Hilton’s ESG sourcing experts tour a seafood supplier in the Chesapeake Bay area. This team is dedicated to building relationships with suppliers that make the guest experience at our hotels more sustainable and responsible.